Happy B-Day to Dr. Graves & NEWS!

Posted in jewelry, knitting, music, store on May 24th, 2011 by Sarah

On Saturday, June 4th, my friend Dr. Graves (producer of Vamped TV) is hosting an awesome show to celebrate his birthday! Sexy Deathray will be there with tons of brand-new, never before seen designs as well as all the old favorites!

So if you’re in LA, head over to the show, listen to some great rockabilly bands, pick up some Sexy Deathray accessories, and make sure to say happy birthday to Fabian, the man with the epic villainous moustache!
Sexy Deathray store:

Magic and music

Posted in jewelry, music on May 3rd, 2011 by Sarah

Sexy Deathray manning the NVR-NDR merch table at the show April 30th at The Smell. The show was pretty kickass. Adam worked on the intro and ending to NVR-NDR’s backing video, harking back to his Robotmedia showcase intro-making days. NVR-NDR and Captain Ahab were as fun as always and Divtech fucking rocked! Breakcore ftw. I was selling jewelry at the show too with my last-minute, intentionally-crooked display. I still have over 9000 pairs of earrings leftover. [tlr] gave me one of the awesome bandanas he designed, which I plan on wearing all the time!