Posted in knitting, rocket science on March 3rd, 2011 by Sarah

Fear not, the green is only food coloring. Bombay Sapphire martinis… stirred.

Relevancy: Secret Project has become my ENEMY! It has caused my required level of martini consumption to increase tenfold. Production is delayed because mathematical elegance does not always translate well to a flawed and imperfect material world.

tl;dr: Good pattern writing practices don’t usually involve arbitrary decisions.

I have been working on other small projects in the meantime. My friend Chris asked me to make him a pair of fingerless gloves in purple and black with accents of “the brightest pink I could make,” and mentioned that something somewhat psychedelic would be cool. Shortly thereafter I had a dream that involved neon pink eyes in the trees and yellow 80’s-style lasers. Thus… pink eyes on the palms of the hands. And since my gloves give you super powers, when you wear this pair, you can shoot lasers out of your hands. The pink yarn was made from many different shades of hot pink, hand-carded together. It practically glows.

I’m also in love with these. They were supposed to be a commission, but I’ve lost contact with the person who requested them, so I may either sell them or keep them for myself. The yellow/green yarn is one of my favorite yarns that I’ve ever dyed/spun. I think I’d been holding onto it for about 6 years!

Launching one of the model rockets on the Vegas trip. That’s me doing the countdown. I got to push the big red button: