Drunken Pirate Cats & Space Colonization

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On Saturday, December 10th & Sunday, December 11th, Sexy Deathray will be at Vlad the Retailer in Hollywood for Vlad’s Holiday Co-Op! There will be all the usual jewelry, new hand-knit accessories, and awesome T-shirts featuring hand-printed, original artwork for sale. The event will also feature other artists, designers, DJ’s, & perhaps even cookies…

The event runs from noon til eight both days and is a way better way to do your holiday shopping than going to the mall, so I better see everyone there!

Sexy Deathray’s Super Fun Awesome Contest!

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Hokay, so! Here at the secret labs of Sexy Deathray, we are having a contest! First prize will be a Head-Eating Space Kitten hat, second prize will be a small menagerie of Sexy Deathray jewelry, and there may be a secret mystery prize awarded as well!

Here’s how to participate:

1. Dress up as a Cute Thing From Outer Space! Create a silly and creative outfit that’s a bit out-of-this-world. If you are exclusively the manly-man type, you can also dress up as a Cool Dude From Outer Space.

2. Take a totally rad picture of your space punk look.

3. E-mail the picture to me at sarah@sexydeathray.com. Be sure to include your Facebook username in the e-mail.

4. I will upload all of the photos I receive into an album on Facebook. The picture that gets the most votes/”likes” will be the winner, so get all your friends to vote for you! Additional prizes may be awarded for most interesting commentary…

Space Kitten hat in action…


1. You must be subscribed to Sexy Deathray on Facebook to be eligible to win.

2. One contest entry per person, please! If you have additional images you’d like to share, please feel free to post them on the Sexy Deathray wall.

3. No n00dz (unless covered in full body paint, duh).

Be creative, have fun & tell all your friends!


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Starship Gloves
“Fashion for space punks, miscreants, time travellers, daydreamers, metaphysicists, rocket scientists, broken dolls, androids, malcontents, tiny monsters and anyone else who refuses to believe in limitations to the destiny of humanity.”

Happy B-Day to Dr. Graves & NEWS!

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On Saturday, June 4th, my friend Dr. Graves (producer of Vamped TV) is hosting an awesome show to celebrate his birthday! Sexy Deathray will be there with tons of brand-new, never before seen designs as well as all the old favorites!

So if you’re in LA, head over to the show, listen to some great rockabilly bands, pick up some Sexy Deathray accessories, and make sure to say happy birthday to Fabian, the man with the epic villainous moustache!
Sexy Deathray store:

New designs

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Made the front page of Etsy!

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I made the front page of Etsy today! Thanks to etsy user palimpsestic for including Le Petit Chaperon Rouge in her creepy, dreamlike collection They Tell Stories Of These Woods. I am honored to be featured among these works!

Sexy Deathray online store

Why are there no nice space girls?

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In science fiction, there seems to be two main archetypal female personalities:

1. The “good” girl. She’s tall and blonde and tan and wears white and silver. Not too bright, she’s always getting herself in trouble and needing to be rescued by a man. She sleeps with every man in sight.

2. The “bad” girl. While more intelligent, she’s pure dag-nasty evil. Maybe she used to be a “good” girl and was kidnapped too many times and now doesn’t trust any men… except for one, who will eventually betray her, ultimately leading to her defeat, disgrace, or death. She also sleeps with every man in sight.

This started merely as musing on space fashion but it’s grown a little past that. Now, I could go into a huge discussion of feminism and how these are reflections of different attitudes in society at different periods in time, and perhaps I will at a later date. It doesn’t help that most of what we consider “classic” science fiction was created in the 60’s and 70’s, for socially awkward men by socially awkward men. But I’m a strong, capable woman living in the 21st century who likes outer space and fluffy skirts, and I want to see some cute, nice, self-reliant space girls with slightly more innovative fashion sense, damnit!

With that in mind, I have crafted some outer-space-inspired adornments:

Dilithium crystal earrings. Can be used to power the warp core of a small ship in a pinch.

Pretty space baubles.

Strange space flowers.

Random fish earrings. Not completely related but too awesome to leave out.

Space computer parts.

Super-cute stars!

Space candies.

Helios. These have a matching bracelet.

Green antique flowers.

I also have new gloves available in the shop: Dragonfly Blue and Spring Green.

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge

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It’s finally finished! I knit a super awesome lace hooded capelet. I thought the hard part was over when I finished knitting it, but writing up the pattern took just as long! I used 6 balls of Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Hollyberry. It was originally earmarked for some sort of giant scarf to wrap around my head when it’s uber cold, but I quickly realized that was a time-consuming and unsightly solution for a simple problem, so I decided to make a capelet instead…

The pattern is available for $4.00 in the shop:

Pattern link

Ravelry link

New super-awesome items in the shop

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