Pineapple salsa & strawberry-coconut margaritas

Posted in cooking, mixology on April 5th, 2011 by Sarah

I tried pineapple salsa at work yesterday for the first time. While the flavor was good, it was a little too sweet and not fresh or spicy enough for my tastes. So I decided to try my hand at making my own version when I got home. I probably haven’t made salsa since I was about 10 years old, so this was a case of “just throw in whatever feels right,” like most of my cooking. Sometimes, reading recipes can be like trying to decipher IKEA instructions, so I don’t follow them if I have any reasonable chance of success without them.

Sarah’s off the top of her head pineapple salsa recipe: Drink 1 gin martini (a requisite first step for any cooking endeavor). Then cut up two jalapenos, one onion, four vine-ripened tomatoes, a huge handful of cilantro, and half a can of pineapple. Mix all these together along with a good amount of habanero sauce, juice of one (preferably home-grown) lemon, one pour of pineapple juice, salt and pepper to taste, and a dash or two of Angostura bitters for good measure.

A conversation with a friend went as follows:
Him: “Sounds like a good recipe; however, I don’t usually mix alcohol and knifes.”
Me: “You’re missing out on a lot of fun.”
Him: “At least I’m not missing out on a lot of fingers.”
Me: “Hey… I only have cuts on two of my fingers right now!”

The salsa turned out very well. I would have added Sriracha sauce if I hadn’t just used up the last of it. I add it to pretty much everything because it is delicious. Some day I may even try to come up with a cocktail recipe that utilizes it.

After finishing the salsa, I moved on to the margaritas! I made blended strawberry-coconut margaritas. I’m not usually a fan of girly or sweet drinks (Scotch, neat, please), but these were good enough for an exception to be made. I didn’t measure properly, just added a big pour of tequila, small pours of Grand Marnier, strawberry puree, and coconut cream, juice of one lime and a handful of ice straight to the blender. They are rimmed with a light dusting of freshly-ground Himalayan pink salt crystals.

After the margaritas were finished, preparation of dinner could commence. I mixed together tilapia, brown rice, and pinto beans with a liberal quantity of the pineapple salsa and crumbled cotija cheese on top.

It was a most delicious and satisfying dinner and will continue to provide sustenance for several days hence.

I’m also working on giving a sad little orphan dresser a much-needed makeover. This is the dresser in its current state:

And when it is finished, it is supposed to look something like this:

It was supposed to be a shade of strawberry pink and have a cute vintage feel, but when I see it like this, all I think of is Gloomy Bear. I suppose that’s not necessarily a bad thing.