Spring Launch & PARTY INFO!

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Celebrate Sexy Deathray’s spring launch with an INTERGALACTIC CUPCAKE PARTY! There will be black magic kittens, skeletons, cotton candy galaxies, 8-bit music, beetles, edible glitter, cheap tarts, sparkle rockets, dinosaur cookies, pretty girls, pretty boys, & pretty cupcakes! Bring all your friends & let’s celebrate the future!

Special guests: WIZWARS (live chipthrash performance) & [tlr] (DJ) !!

Vlad The Retailer
4270 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA

Saturday, April 14th
5pm – 9pm

Facebook event page

Inspiration: Dark Sea

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“The euphotic depth is the depth at which light intensity falls to 1% of the value at the surface. This depth is dependent upon water clarity, being only a few meters underwater in a turbid estuary, but may reach 200 meters in the open ocean. At the euphotic depth, plants (such as phytoplankton) have no net energy gain from photosynthesis and thus cannot grow.”

sources: my etsy faves, wikipedia, google images


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Sexy Deathray is neither literal nor self-referential.

“Sexy Deathray ignites at a relatively low temperature.”

Sexy Deathray is a way of life.

“Sexy Deathray is weird.”

Sexy Deathray is everything and nothing all at once.

“Sexy Deathray is my little black raincloud.”

Sexy Deathray probably eats babies for breakfast.

“Sexy Deathray’s violence is so sophisticated.”

Sexy Deathray is a robot who wants to become human.

“Sexy Deathray is the sweetest alien I’ve ever met.”

Sexy Deathray is a charlatan and a fraud.

“Sexy Deathray is your doom.”

Anyway. I make stuff.


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Do not panic. This is only a test of the nuclear attack alarm system.