New Online Store!

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Sexy Deathray is proud to announce the launch of its new online store! Sexy Deathray T-shirts can now be purchased online for the first time! Many more items will be added in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned…

Spring Launch & PARTY INFO!

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Celebrate Sexy Deathray’s spring launch with an INTERGALACTIC CUPCAKE PARTY! There will be black magic kittens, skeletons, cotton candy galaxies, 8-bit music, beetles, edible glitter, cheap tarts, sparkle rockets, dinosaur cookies, pretty girls, pretty boys, & pretty cupcakes! Bring all your friends & let’s celebrate the future!

Special guests: WIZWARS (live chipthrash performance) & [tlr] (DJ) !!

Vlad The Retailer
4270 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA

Saturday, April 14th
5pm – 9pm

Facebook event page

Version 2.0

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Capela dos Ossos † Ossuary-Print Skirts

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An ossuary is a site or building where human remains in the form of bones are stored or displayed. Such places were once commonplace, especially in locations where burial space was limited, but are now quite a culture shock to most people. Reactions range from disgust to fascination. Although morbid, many of these sites are extremely beautiful, utilizing bones to create or decorate ornate architectural elements. They are often associated with churches or monasteries. The Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech Republic, famous for its chandelier made of human bones, is probably the most well-known, but there are many other such sites throughout the world.

I’ve always had a fondness for skirts or dresses with strange or unusual prints. When the idea of an ossuary-print skirt crossed my mind, I had to act immediately! The fabric for these skirts is custom-printed on soft, premium 100% Kona cotton. Two versions are available with different prints:

Capela dos Ossos, Version 1:

Capela dos Ossos, Version 2:

(Note: printed fabric will be slightly lighter in color than the sample images shown here)

The Capela dos Ossos skirt is luxuriously full and will be available in both 18″ and 21″ lengths. It features a gathered elastic waistband to comfortably fit a variety of sizes.

Standard sizing:
Small – Waist unstretched/fully stretched: 26″-37″
Large – Waist unstretched/fully stretched: 30″-42″

Be sure to choose a size that will allow the skirt to stretch over your hips or shoulders. Please enquire for custom sizing if necessary. The Capela dos Ossos skirt will be priced at $80 for the 18″ length, and $85 for the 21″ length. All skirts are handmade-to-order, so please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Available to order at the Sexy Deathray online store, or by e-mailing



The original photographs used to print the fabric were taken by Paul Koudounaris of the Capela dos Ossos (chapel of bones) in Portugal, and have been used with permission. They can be found in his book The Empire Of Death, along with many other incredible photographs of ossuaries throughout the world and information on these sites. If you ever have a chance to check out his book, I highly recommend it. His website can be found at


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An extensive selection of Sexy Deathray clothing and accessories can now be found at the following location:

Vlad The Retailer
4270 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Vlad The Retailer is probably the most awesome boutique ever. It’s jam-packed full of super neat, unique hand-made stuff made by local peeps and impossible to walk out of without buying something and wanting at least 10 other things. It’s also right around the corner from Scoops, which has some of the best and strangest ice cream flavors you’ll ever see… whiskey often included among them! So please check it out and help spread the word!


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Inverted crosses carved from violet stone, jet black Czech iridescent crystals, and gunmetal findings.


Drunken Pirate Cats & Space Colonization

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On Saturday, December 10th & Sunday, December 11th, Sexy Deathray will be at Vlad the Retailer in Hollywood for Vlad’s Holiday Co-Op! There will be all the usual jewelry, new hand-knit accessories, and awesome T-shirts featuring hand-printed, original artwork for sale. The event will also feature other artists, designers, DJ’s, & perhaps even cookies…

The event runs from noon til eight both days and is a way better way to do your holiday shopping than going to the mall, so I better see everyone there!

Sexy Deathray’s Super Fun Awesome Contest!

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Hokay, so! Here at the secret labs of Sexy Deathray, we are having a contest! First prize will be a Head-Eating Space Kitten hat, second prize will be a small menagerie of Sexy Deathray jewelry, and there may be a secret mystery prize awarded as well!

Here’s how to participate:

1. Dress up as a Cute Thing From Outer Space! Create a silly and creative outfit that’s a bit out-of-this-world. If you are exclusively the manly-man type, you can also dress up as a Cool Dude From Outer Space.

2. Take a totally rad picture of your space punk look.

3. E-mail the picture to me at Be sure to include your Facebook username in the e-mail.

4. I will upload all of the photos I receive into an album on Facebook. The picture that gets the most votes/”likes” will be the winner, so get all your friends to vote for you! Additional prizes may be awarded for most interesting commentary…

Space Kitten hat in action…


1. You must be subscribed to Sexy Deathray on Facebook to be eligible to win.

2. One contest entry per person, please! If you have additional images you’d like to share, please feel free to post them on the Sexy Deathray wall.

3. No n00dz (unless covered in full body paint, duh).

Be creative, have fun & tell all your friends!


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Starship Gloves
“Fashion for space punks, miscreants, time travellers, daydreamers, metaphysicists, rocket scientists, broken dolls, androids, malcontents, tiny monsters and anyone else who refuses to believe in limitations to the destiny of humanity.”

Inspiration: Dark Sea

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“The euphotic depth is the depth at which light intensity falls to 1% of the value at the surface. This depth is dependent upon water clarity, being only a few meters underwater in a turbid estuary, but may reach 200 meters in the open ocean. At the euphotic depth, plants (such as phytoplankton) have no net energy gain from photosynthesis and thus cannot grow.”

sources: my etsy faves, wikipedia, google images